Hold My Beer While I…Whoops!

DIY is a southern tradition. Whatever it is, we will cut it, weld it, paint it, glue it, bake it or fake it, so long as it saves us a dollar. Ingenuity is an admirable quality, which should never be applied to watch repair. In the event that your watch breaks or requires adjustment, your immediate reaction … More Hold My Beer While I…Whoops!

Leave your Butter Knives at Home. We don’t Sell Toast.

Just because it cost YOU a lot of money, does not mean it is worth anything. If you have ever purchased an item at a large franchise jewelry store and then tried to resell it, you’ve probably learned this the hard way. Worth is a funny concept and truly hard to pin down for any given … More Leave your Butter Knives at Home. We don’t Sell Toast.

Yeah, We Do That!

If you have ever stepped inside of a full-service jewelry store, you may have been overwhelmed with the foreign terms, loud noises and vast selection. You are just looking to purchase something beautiful, but you are suddenly confronted with words like asscher, semi-mount, rhodium, tungsten, etc. You think to yourself, there are only twelve months … More Yeah, We Do That!