Baguette Behemoth!

This ladies 14k white gold semi-mount contains 1.25ct of baguette diamonds. The mounting originally housed a four-prong peg-head intended for a round diamond. The peg-head was removed, to be replaced with a yellow gold half-bezel.

Baguette mounting with original head removed. Accompanied by loose 2.43ct mine-cut diamond and loose half-bezel head. 

The half-bezel is soldered in place. ring-1

A 2.43ct round mine-cut diamond, which was supplied by the customer, is then mounted in the 14k yellow gold half-bezel. ring-4

The ring, polished and completed, has a total carat weight of 3.68ct and a gram weight of 10.52 grams. 1-8

Following the completion of the ladies engagement ring, a mens 14k two-tone engagement band was custom made to match. A bezel was counter-sunk into the yellow gold center band, containing a .34ct round brilliant diamond. 3-2

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